Green Lights Recycling, Inc.

Green Lights Recycling Now Offers
On-Site Hard Drive Destruction!!

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Green Lights Recycling is pleased to announce two new services for computer hard drive destruction. We have always guaranteed computer hard drive destruction as a part of our services. Recently, we added two new in-house machines to expand our service offering and capabilities. The two machines are called the “Enforcer 12,000” and the “Nemesis 480”. The Enforcer 12,000 is portable andRead the Rest…

Proven Safe, Modern & Efficient
Lamp Recycling Machine

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Green Lights Recycling, Inc. uses the state-of-the-art Lamp Processor.  This equipment includes several features that meet our strong commitment to environmental safety, and to the health and well being of our employees. A negative pressure air re-circulation system minimizes the amount of air required for processing.  Discharged air is subjected to a triple filter system, which includes pre-filtering, HEPA filtering,Read the Rest…

Is a Minnesota Corporation that provides recycling services such as fluorescent lamp recycling, electronics recycling, battery recycling, universal waste recycling, special waste recycling and disposal.